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Destination wedding, France

At the moment I'm working with the post processing of Terri & Zac's wedding in France. Here is a favorite of Terri outside the church in Dordonge and her amazing bouquet. In a few weeks time I'm going back to France again for some magazine work. 


A wedding photographer in France

Imagine having a French Chateau for an entire week alone with your friends and family. And on Thursday you have a chic elegant dream wedding all in white. That's how Lisa and Courtney from Australia celebrated their wedding.




After doing weddings at this chateau for several years, this place and the chateau owners have a special place in my heart. I always feel so calm and familiar when picking up the rental car at Charles De Gaulle and listening to some unrecognisable French music and driving towards Chateau la Durantie.

Thanks Lisa & Courtney for a wonderful French countryside wedding and for sharing your day with me!

If you are looking for an English speaking wedding photographer in France, don't hesitate to contact me. I'm booked for two more weddings in France next year and I'm going back to Paris and Dordogne already in a couple of months, in October.

Destination wedding photography France

France has become a very special place for me. Last time I was there in April I was having a workshop for 60 French photographers and it looks like I'm going there again in the beginning of next year for teaching another workshop. In the beginning of June Corin and Caroline got married at the French countryside. Here are some of my favorite photos from their day.

Corin is very interested in photography so it was a lot of pressure when he got married to Caroline. Based in UK, born in Australia and they had a beautiful castle wedding at Chateau la Durantie, France, June 8. They had the ceremony in the little village Excideuil. I would like to spend more time in that village next time I'm there. The houses next to the church are old and I really like the atmosphere. I have been photographing at Chateau la Durantie quite many times now and the challenge is to discover new places and new inspiration each time. This time I found a turquoise door that I loved in the garage.

Thank you Corin and Caroline for letting me to be a part of your wedding day!


Preview of Corin and Caroline's destination wedding in France

Last Friday I photographed Corin and Caroline's destination wedding in France. They live in Sydney and gathered their friends and family for a wedding at the French countryside. More photos to come.

Australian wedding in France

The London based couple Jourdan and Sonia from Australia got married in France in the end of the summer. I had the honor to photograph their wedding at Chateau la Durantie. They got married August 26 in a small little French village.  erika_gerdemark_photography_45erika_gerdemark_photography_21erika_gerdemark_photography_31erika_gerdemark_photography_41erika_gerdemark_photography_44erika_gerdemark_photography_61erika_gerdemark_photography_71erika_gerdemark_photography_8erika_gerdemark_photography_9erika_gerdemark_photography_10erika_gerdemark_photography_111erika_gerdemark_photography_12erika_gerdemark_photography_13erika_gerdemark_photography_14erika_gerdemark_photography_15erika_gerdemark_photography_161erika_gerdemark_photography_28erika_gerdemark_photography_18erika_gerdemark_photography_19erika_gerdemark_photography_20erika_gerdemark_photography_211erika_gerdemark_photography_22erika_gerdemark_photography_24erika_gerdemark_photography_23erika_gerdemark_photography_29erika_gerdemark_photography_30erika_gerdemark_photography_311erika_gerdemark_photography_26erika_gerdemark_photography_27erika_gerdemark_photography_46erika_gerdemark_photography_33erika_gerdemark_photography_34erika_gerdemark_photography_35erika_gerdemark_photography_36erika_gerdemark_photography_37erika_gerdemark_photography_38erika_gerdemark_photography_39erika_gerdemark_photography_40erika_gerdemark_photography_411erika_gerdemark_photography_42erika_gerdemark_photography_43

The night before Jourdan and Sonia got married I woke up at the French countryside hearing thunderstorms and saw lighting from my window. I prayed for no rain at our shoot, but I had to deal with the rain quite much on their wedding day. As a wedding photographer that is a bit tricky, but luckily the sun came out for an hour during the portraits. The sky was magical dark blue and the landscape was like a dream. Unreal. 

The ceremony was held in an old church in Excideuil and Chateau la Durantie was a beautiful venue for the wedding. The dinner in the marquee included some great speeches and when I left the party was rockin'.

Thank you Jourdan and Sonia for being so friendly and for giving me so much creative freedom. I had a great time at your wedding!

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