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Belgium for Svenska Dagbladet

One morning I saw a baker when I was eating Belgian waffles and I stopped his cute car for a photo. Belgium really surprised me. I really want to go back to Brussels and discover even more! Yesterday a travel story that I have photographed from Belgium was featured in one of Sweden's biggest newspaper, Svenska Dagbladet.


Food & Travel - Svenska Dagbladet

Today I have a travel story from France featured in the Sunday edition of the newspaper Svenska Dagbladet. Go check it out and be inspired of the food in Normandy! This is a region in France that I would love to go back to, specially for the historical reasons. It's by far the most interesting trip I've made in my work.


70 years and 1 week

I've always been interesting in history and to learn from it and understand the world we are living in a little bit better. In the end of April I travelled to Normandie together with a journalist and did work about the D-day landings during the World War II. This became, by far, the most interesting work I've ever done. 70 years and 1 week ago the Allied invaded the German occupied France and it was the start of the end of the World War II. The photos below got featured recently in the Swedish newspaper Svenska Dagbladet.



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