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What if you had a white piece of paper, a carte blanche for your photography project. 

There's a certain glow inside of me when I meet someone who can express or understand my feelings about art, design, beauty and photography. It is a gut feeling that creates a bond to each other. If you feel the same way when looking at my photos then we have a great start for your carte blanche.

Each photo is made with love, time and care. I never leave a photo to it's destiny with a simple action. All my photos are carefully edited in Photoshop to get the best out of the colors and the light. The post processing is the most time-consuming step of my work, but since I am a perfectionist I believe that every single photo should be considered a work of art. I strongly believe that quality always comes before quantity. The technique I have developed, especially with my signature colors, is timeless independent of the field of application.



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